Tick tock verse

A calm drip drop drip Switches to a loud gush, Blood dripping from the corners of what used to be; Now is, their broken hour glasses, Sand coagulated with the tears she uses to mop the bathroom floor.   They say time heals all wounds and broken hearts mend but what do you do when […]

Of seas full of fish

I’m currently reading ‘Eat. Pray. Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert(for the second time this year ) and it’s quite fun going on an adventure with a writer. Seeing what they see, arguing with some of their conclusions, breathing in their descriptions. One of the things that stands out for me in this book is her search […]

Guilt: the forgotten stage of grief

Psychology 201. The five stages of grief. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Even though no one can tell exactly how long each stage(or all of them altogether) will last or in what order, time and eventuality most often leads to acceptance. For life is ever changing and evolution demands acceptance….adaptation. The greatest love is […]

Have we used up all our happy?

I suffered from postpartum depression; I found myself crying myself to sleep or hiding in the bathroom to cry alone because it didn’t make sense. How could the happiest moment of my life still be filled with such sadness. Fear. Emptiness. I didn’t understand where these feelings were coming from because my pregnancy was probably […]


A couple of days ago I was breaking some excellent news to my friend and one of her exclamations was to praise God and say ‘He has been good. Remember how terribly shaky 2016 started off?’…It’s funny. I had actually forgotten. I was so overwhelmed with joy that I had forgotten that the eyes that […]

Life,  Oh Life! 

So since Facebook does the timeline memorylane, I thought I would go down my blog memory lane… This was one of my first blog posts on a former blog site. Date: October 14th 2014. Title: As stated above…. Everything here still runs true in MY life…  ‘Today has been a dull day.No. A bad day. […]


    It’s been raining on and off for a couple of days…   Being the poet that I am, I felt inspired to write a poem about the rain. I wanted to write about how no matter what we do; we all experience some rain in our lives. Both figuratively and literally.(I like how […]